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California Wonders

Join Jenny's family on a fun Spring Break trip in this picture book! Discover cool places, awesome animals, and interesting facts. A great story about exploring and making family memories!

About this book

In April 2023, our family enjoyed a one-week road trip to San Francisco, with an itinerary generated last minute in mere seconds by ChatGPT.On our way back, my daughter was eager to record the exciting stories from our adventure. We also had a conversation about how AI, like ChatGPT, might help or change their lives in the future. Suddenly, we had an idea: Why not we turn her road trip stories into a picture book with the help of AI!Within just one week, my daughter penned the entire story, while ChatGPT converted it into a 10-page book. We then used Midjourney to generate illustrations for each page. After only a few minor adjustments, the collaborative work of ChatGPT and Midjourney became the book you're reading now.We hope you enjoy this book! If you have any stories about how AI has helped you, we'd love to hear them. You can find me on LinkedIn or through the email provided on the right side.

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